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    Post by simonp862 on Sun Aug 18, 2013 10:52 am

    Hello Minecraft fan community!

    Welcome to this Renegade Builders adverts page.

    Renegade Builders is a new Tekkit classic server designed to give you the best Tekkit classic experience with no lag,no grief and a quite small list of banned item that's we try to lower every day! So you can experience tekkit in a safe and legit way with all your friends. You can build anything you want in the main world you won't be disturbed by other players. We also have a PVP/Grief World with Faction if you want more action!

    We offer you a lot of special features to make your day more enjoyable.
    - A Mob Arena
    - Player Owned Shop
    - Admin Shop
    - Building Plots at spawn for contests.
    - Voting Reward
    - A PVP/Grief Faction world.
    - Totally no grief in the freebuild world.
    - The best spawn build so far!
    - Very friendly staff
    - Donation store if you want to support our work and get extra perk!
    - 250 Player slot
    - A website and community forum
    - No reset of main world
    And more...

    All of our Staff are friendly, Approachable, fair and mature and will help with anything that is needed.

    ANY thing that you would like to see happen ie: plugins/forum changes/extra worlds/new arenas ect ect Just Post in the Forums for all to see !!!

    " if the players want it, give it to em' "

    Website and server adress
    Please go to our website to get our server's address, stats, pictures and more!
    -  -  On Enjin, No need to subscibe!

    And remember, Please read everything around you! This is the best way to save your time on a server.
    +     Make Sure you Vote for us EVERYDAY and....

    Voting Reward:

    * £2000 in Game Money
    * 2 MK1 Collectors
    * 1 MK1 Relay
    * 1 Golden Shovel
    * 1 Personal Chest
    * 1 Iron Furnace
    * 10 Coal
    * 32 Yellow Torches
    * 2 Steaks

    Make sure you sign up on the website as you may not be given your rewards !

    Thanks for visiting and reading us!

    Here's just a taste of our Spawn.

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