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    Boolin and Coolin


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    Boolin and Coolin Empty Boolin and Coolin

    Post by Kappable on Thu Jan 26, 2017 4:24 pm

    Start with a nice start kit to kick things off and we got economy with a killa essentials shop for all your buying and selling needs! Custom recipes to make everything easier and more efficient! We've got an entire world dedicated to gang fights, it's a giant city and there are 2 teams you can join. MyPet AND you can have ANY animal or mob as a pet (with a few exceptions), you can silk touch spawners of course, MCMMO because it's essential! An amazing system to get you out in the wilderness in your own nice little area! Your farm land won't be trampled because it can't be, no matter what! Auctions of course, for y'all selling kinda people. Sugar cane and cactus can grow up to 12 blocks tall since we use Spigot and Paper! You wanna marry yo homie or broad? Do it! You can claim a horse too, for that trusty ride you might need. WE GOT CRAFTBOOK so you can do all SORTS of machinery and farming! There's much much more, so come check it out!

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