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    Purge Anarchy


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    Purge Anarchy Empty Purge Anarchy

    Post by glitchman04 on Mon Jan 30, 2017 4:30 am

    Welcome to Purge Anarchy. The server version is 1.11.2 and aims to recreate the anarchy theme from servers like 2b2t. Hacked Clients are encouraged and so is building and griefing. There are no rules, just pure anarchy. Freedom of speech is allowed and you can express yourself in any way you want to. Don't get the idea that there are limits to what you are allowed to do (apart from attempting to ddos) because there are no limits on anarchy servers (apart from the amount of RAM we have available to us). Steal, pillage, camp, slaughter, purge, grief, build, have fun. That is the way of our anarchy server. Gather the best gear you can get, trap newbies at spawn in any way you feel will be effective. If you're a dedicated player of vanilla survival or you want to find a server where you won't be banned for using extremely racist, sexual, sexist language then this is the server for you.

    I have always enjoyed the anarchy gamemode because it has allowed to me to find a new found freedom that I have never felt on other servers. On 2b2t I saw some amazing builds; from cobble monsters to large-scale medieval castles to huge farms dedicated solely to a single type of crop. An example of this is the giant wheat field that is sacred to the veterans of 2b2t and has been there for several years. Their aim has always been to to protect their various monuments.

    You can do the same on Purge Anarchy. You can build things like these. It is entirely up to you.

    The IP is:

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