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    Explorer's League Vanilla |Survival||Semi-Vanilla||1.8.8|



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    Explorer's League Vanilla |Survival||Semi-Vanilla||1.8.8|

    Post by DocShell on Tue Sep 15, 2015 5:43 am

    Server Name: Explorer's League Vanilla

    Server IP:

    Hosting: Shockbyte 24/7

    Server Rules:

    *Be respectful and civil, no harassment.

    *No sexism, racism, homophobia, swearing or any type of hate speech.

    *No noclip, invincibility, speed modification, X-ray/ore-detection, flying, and duping hacks. However, mods that help stabilize the user experience (specifically Optifine) are allowed.

    *No griefing or stealing

    *No Spamming, includes advertising.

    *Do not ask for Operator status.

    Explorer's League Vanilla is a Vanilla game-play server, run via the collaboration of a group of friends for any who wish to play on a safe Vanilla server.

    What do we mean by safe? We came to realize that the idea of having a Vanilla server, which is Vanilla in every aspect, was not safe way to run a server. True, Vanilla has no plugin interference whatsoever, and yes you will find plugins on this server... but you can't access a single one. We only utilize protection plugins. Those with which we can make sure you never have to worry about being the victim of griefing or theft, both of which are a bannable offense.

    We have no PvP and the difficulty is set to Hard, so I hope you're ready to see what a true Vanilla experience can do!

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