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    MissingCraft Survival Server | 1.8.x | WorldEdit | McMMo | SpawnItems | Towny | Chestshop


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    MissingCraft Survival Server | 1.8.x | WorldEdit | McMMo | SpawnItems | Towny | Chestshop

    Post by MissingCraft on Sun Aug 30, 2015 10:36 pm

    * ~ Welcome to MissingCraft ~ *


    Missingcraft Screen Shots

    Go missing! Release the stress!

    On MissingCraft we want to give the players a relaxing community where they can lean back and take it easy with some friends. And in our opinion, nothing is better than Survival for that!

    There might be a lot of reasons you want to join our small server. To start off, here are a few things we have to offer:

    * Grief and theft Protection - You, your builds, and your inventory are safe with the help of a variety of custom mods and a reliable staff.
    * World Map - The next rank up has the ability to see and use the dynamic interactive real time world map.
    * World Edit - Higher ranks have the ability to harness the full power of their creativity through this awesome mod.
    * Friendly and reliable staff team - a dedicated teamthats always there in case you need help.
    * A amazingly friendly and supportive community ~

    - When you join MissingCraft ~ You don't become part of the community, you become part of the family. -

    The only thing we're missing, Is you.

    • LWC - Lock your chests, doors, furnaces, and more
    • WorldEdit - Become the master of the world! Earn the World Edit Rank!
    • Essentials - Easy transportation. Set multiple homes and teleport to your friends
    • mcMMO - RPG upgrades that increases your survival abilities as you play
    • Towny - Create your own town! Player controlled land management
    • CommandShop - Create your own shops, Sell your on items and loot, get filthy rich!
    • MagicSpells - Cast unique spells based on rank to save your life an kill your foes
    • Multiverse - Lots of worlds to play in. Buy your own LARGE plot of land!
    • WorldGuard - Grief protected area to keep your builds safe
    • Craftbook - Create usable gates, bridges, elevators and more...
    • Intochest - Crafting tables act like hoppers
    • EggMob - Turn mobs into eggs! Kill them at a later time or sell them in shops!


    Join us on the Website:
    Diamond and vote for us on PMC:
    Visit us on FaceBook:

    Why not give us a try?

    Here at MissingCraft
    There only thing we're missing, is you

    * ~ Visit to MissingCraft Today~ *

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