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    Ahoyworld Yogscast Complete server -whitelisted-


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    Ahoyworld Yogscast Complete server -whitelisted-

    Post by Proxima on Mon Jun 16, 2014 5:03 pm

    Ahoyworld yogscast complete whitelisted server

    Ahoyworld is an online gaming community website with many servers dedicated to different games ranging from ArmA 3 to Minecraft.
    Our Minecraft servers include a vanilla multiverse server with creative, survival and new worlds being added soon. The modded server is an always up to date yogscast complete server using all mods except Morph.
    The server has a minimal banned items list that mainly just includes crash inducing/explosives.
    We have a forum and teamspeak with Minecraft channels on each one.

    The server is up 24/7 with only the occasional short downtime for updates to plugins or modpack.

    We use the LWC plugin for chest and doors but not land claiming plugin as we feel that the amount of blocks you can claim is too small for doing any extreme modded projects Wink

    To apply for the whitelist visit our website and fill out the whitelist application

    Hope to see you on the server. Any questions please contact LeaderProxima on ahoyworld

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