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    Monarchy Whitelisted | Vanilla | Survival



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    Monarchy Whitelisted | Vanilla | Survival

    Post by Monarchy on Fri Jul 31, 2015 9:03 pm

    About the server: Monarchy is a whitelisted server which offers pure survival. We have no plugins which means that everything is legit. We are currently building a spawn town where everyone who gets accepted will be able to build their shop, restaurant or any other type of facility. We hope to make the server like Hermitcraft, with great builds and and a friendly environment. We also run off a amplified world so movement is harder but creates an awesome looking map!.

    Staff: We are a friendly community hoping rarely host many different events, such as: UHC, dragon fighting and other gameplay.

    Application: We will accept people who put a lot of effort into the application and who we think will be a minecraft survivalist as well as a good carer towards the server. So spend time and effort towards the application because we may not accept you. Please include your skills towards redstone and building and wether you have a youtube account in the application.


    Builds: We are hoping to build a minecart system in the nether to to various places across the world and many other builds. So we are looking for incredible but yet innovative builders as well as redstoners. This server is also a place to show off your builds to the public.

    Application link:


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