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    Post by Sherka on Wed Nov 04, 2015 6:07 am

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    Join today!

    Looking for a classic, nostalgic, bare-bones Factions server? You've come to the right place! Xena Factions is a relatively new Factions server. Constantly gaining great players and staff.
    We are new and have many custom built plugins, such as our personalised build of the Factions plugin.
    We have affordable, fair ranks for sale.
    We have a 100% uptime and regular automated server restarts. This prevents lag and enables players to gain the maximum playing experience.
    1.7 Cannoning Physics (The cannoning you know and love)!
    Plugins such as Factions, Voting Rewards and Crates
    Events, such as drop parties, races and mini-sky-block tournaments. PRIZES TO BE WON.
    We welcome all new players warmly.
    Server Info:

    Server Rules:

    (Breaking these may result in a ban)

    - Do not use mods or hacks

    - Do not spam the server

    - Do not abuse glitches

    - No constant offensive language

    - Do not advertise other servers

    - Do not sell items for actual money

    Some of our Plugins:

    Silk Spawners





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