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    Testing the waters with "test" server Please Play!



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    Testing the waters with "test" server Please Play!

    Post by KooKoo102 on Mon Sep 07, 2015 9:14 pm

    I started a "TEST" MC server. Going to run it for some time. If I like the way things run on it, I will change it to a white list and and set rules later. For now its open to all for "testing". With the server hardware and ISP, im not 100% sure how many people can be in it before it gets laggy, so I would like some feedback as well please (if you notice its fine with 20 people one day, but slow with 10 another, let me know). If you know anyone that may want to play, share the IP please.

    Right now its capped at 50 ppl (will change as needed), runs 24/7 and is backed up every 12 hrs (4am/pm). My ISP is Fios with the 75/75 package (actually getting 85 down/ 90 up)


    Hopefully Verizon does not change IP's often. only had them a month, so not sure what to expect. If it does, I will update.

    Any questions or feedback, please let me know. E-mail: gybo102 -AT- gmail -DOT- com


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