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    Post by giebel12 on Fri Aug 15, 2014 9:32 am

    Welcome to CreeperCraft. We welcome all players with a warm smile and appreciation of every block you create and every town you build on our 24/7 Lag Free Server! You start by joining the hub where you will see a majestic castle. Then you will either teleport to the mini game world To Play Around Or you will fly to a familiar world called survival where you will spawn into the heart of a creeper and walk out between its giant legs, and collect, buy, sell, and Gamble materials to take to your 6 plots in a far away land to create a epic town. You can also build a epic fortress in factions to defend your loot or just have fun in the flat lands with all u can immagine! Then When you feal your life is fullfilled you will walk through a time warp to The heavens also known as the Aether Where u can Glide From Island to Island Building As You Please With What You Have gained, While you kill anyone in your path playing minecraft as it should be! JOIN NOW!


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