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    ★★★DreamCraft★★★ [Survival]-=-[Creative]-=-[HungerGames]-


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    ★★★DreamCraft★★★ [Survival]-=-[Creative]-=-[HungerGames]- Empty ★★★DreamCraft★★★ [Survival]-=-[Creative]-=-[HungerGames]-

    Post by Math3231 on Sun Oct 25, 2015 6:46 pm




    Hi Dreamers,

    I would like to introduce DreamCraft to you, a small but nice and cozy community.
    The server started with a small group of friends from the Netherlands and Belgium! The games we are providing are, Survival,Creative and the hunger games.
    We also have a cool Feature for survival!
    Be the next aqua man, Build youre home under water you can't Drown!

    We wish you a warm welcome at Dream Craft!
    Where we hope all you're Dreams will come true!



    DreamCraft is equipped with various types of game modes, so we can provide each player wat they are looking for. To keep our server exciting, we started of with only three servers, That we will expand with more gamemodes depending on the growth of players.

    Will you help us with discovering our new and different game modes? Join quickly!

    Server Spec's

    Running 1.8.8 Minecraft
    Premium Only
    Slots: 1000
    Lagg Free!

    Staff Team Short

    ♛Math3231 - Owner♛

    This is Math3231 he is the main owner of the server. He's 28 years old and lives in Belgium. He is our largest investor. He suggests plugins, tweaks them, Test them etc. He likes building aswell.

    ♛Trolking1 - Developer♛

    This is trolking1. He is 16 years old and lives in Belgium. He is the developer of the server, he creates plugins and if he has time,  he is building something for the server. He also invests in Dream Craft.

    ♛JesleyS - Co Owner♛

    This is JesleyS he is 21 years old and lives in the Netherlands. He is Co-Owner, and owns most of the ServerBuilds.He is  building most of the time and tweaks plugins.

    ♛Nelscon - Co-owner♛

    This is NelsCon he is Co-Owner and is 17 years old he lives in the Netherlands. He suggests plugins and helps testing them.

    We from Dream Craft are looking for people who would like to volunteer and help developing or want to follow a free Tutorial course by our developer on how to make plugins. Why are we asking this?Because we can always use developers.
    Builders are welcome aswell!!

    Interested?Contact oure people.

    Developers: gabriel1271999
    Builders: gabriel1271999

    Curious about the server?

    Are you curious about wat the server actually looks like? Join us now!!

    Greetings from the whole staff team DreamCraft  

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