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    Minecraft, the way


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    Minecraft, the way Empty Minecraft, the way

    Post by Joetorp on Tue Jun 09, 2015 4:25 am

    Rencorner’s Minecraft server is a 1.8 bungeecord server consisting of a Hub, Survival (PVE), Factions, GTA, Minigames, Hungergames, Kitpvp, a redesigned Skyblock, Creative, Prison and a Semi- vanilla PVE (without giveaways).
    Whether you like PvP, Minigames, Hungergames, GTA, Skyblock, KitPvP, Creative or plain old Survival. We have it all on a brand new dedicated box running Minecraft on 32 mb ram. 24/7 uptime server.
    • Newly designed hub featuring an Extreme Hills biome, jump pads, and parkour.
    • Our redesigned skyblock server features a mesa biome in the spawn, a rescue shop where you can buy replacement items, skygrid, and islands that offer more starting items and a new look and feel.  
    • Survival (PVE) - with just the right mix of plugins to keep the adventure alive for any age. Plugins include: Economy, Jobs, Chest-shops, Train-carts, MCMMO and many more!
    • Semipve (pure)- PvE, do it yourself, no store, no nothing, barter and trade!  
    • New Creative plots.75x75 plots, hugely popular, get to building quick with free creative and fly.  
    • Mini-games. One place for all your quick picks. Paintball, Spleef, Skywars, and our own custom developed plug-ins.
    • New Hunger Games PVP arenas. up to 24 player death-match on unique maps (Included in Mini-games server).  Be quick, be cunning, be ruthless. But most importantly, be the last one standing.  
    • Grand Theft Auto (GTA) We’ve recently added a Grand Theft Auto 4 server, come check it out!
    • KitPvP has 3 arenas, for your enjoyment, go one on one or team up!  
    • Prison features a reality show theme, 26 mines and 8 mines for donors to our server!  
    • Factions (PvP) Attack other bases, protect your own!
    Our friendly and active staff is available to assist you.  Server updated regularly - Requests are taken in daily and updates are performed regularly to keep in line with the users needs.
    Dynmap – PVE, Creative,  GTA For World(GTA & PVE), Nether, and The End, with multiple add-ons allowing for you to view houses and claimed land
    TeamSpeak 3 - Bored of typing?  Want to chat to your buddies?  We have an active Team Speak server ready and waiting at We've recently added a new builder rank, and donor incentives.  Players that are "trusted" enjoy: /tpa, Extra Lapis protection stone, trusted tag alongside your name, and  3 sethomes
    Contact info:Serverip and website:
    MC Admins - Joetorp and Woolwind
    Updated – June 8, 2015

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