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    Pixelmon 1.6.2 + Pokeloot NO WHITELIST



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    Pixelmon 1.6.2 + Pokeloot NO WHITELIST

    Post by Wiha111 on Sat Sep 21, 2013 8:11 pm

    I'm currently hosting a minecraft server with the Pixelmon mod installed.
    Now, this is a survival server which has been up for a day.
    Currently we don't have ANY plugins installed. We currently have LWC, Essentails and group manager installed to the server and have just spent the last hour editing it myself!
    I will be installing Essentails and others when or if i need to.
    Anyway onto the server!
    Details: The servers Pixelmon config makes it so you CANNOT catch pokemon outside of battle, you cannot ride pokemon also as it generates huge amounts of lag D:, i have made more pokemon spawn so if you run far away from spawn and pokemon should continue to spawn! Also PVP is currently off! As there isnt any need to have it on and everything can be concluded with pokemon battles.
    Rules of the server:
    NO Griefing
    NO Stealing
    NO rude or vulgar language to be used on others
    Respect EVERYONE on the server
    NO force battleing (throwing your pokemon at another persons pokemon to force battle them
    NO begging for items
    NO being annoying
    And goes with out saying no xray/hacks on the server this will result in ban and report.
    And lastly HAVE FUN!
    The server has 30 slots so i will see you ingame!

    We have Pokeloot installed!
    Type it into google or find a tut on youtube to find put how to install it (I cant post links for 7 days!)
    This mod is super good and saves me a lot of trouble with various things!
    Here's Ip:
    Thanks, Will!

    [Site Owner & Administrator]
    [Site Owner & Administrator]

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    Re: Pixelmon 1.6.2 + Pokeloot NO WHITELIST

    Post by AquaticGamer on Mon Sep 30, 2013 3:16 pm

    *Moved to Mini-Games Server*

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