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    Post by DanZGaming on Wed Jan 25, 2017 8:59 am



    Our combat gives a feel that you are playing skywars, with multiple islands accessible by foot, although you are fighting mobs for money as well along with custom mobs created and disguised to work like loot crates which contain goodies. The islands are also made up of parkour paths that lead to other island points, if you take the risk in PvP you can come out with good loot. 1.8 PvP mechanics.

    --Boss Battles--

    Bosses are custom made MMORPG style bosses made by Raikros. Every 30min a server boss spawns which the whole server can take part in killing him or not. When killed they drops a key to the highest (tier 5) crate which contains many items; even perks like /fly. Everyone who participates gets a boss key along with the chances of getting lower tier keys. For those that don't participate they get the same chances of getting lower tier keys, but never a boss key unless they join hands with the rest of server in the battle. You don't lose inventory if killed by boss.


    There are currently 5 tiers of crates with the 5th being the most lucrative which contains special gear, tools, and various other prizes. Mystery crates hold cosmetics from trails, hats, cloak/wings, pets and more. Players have a chance of getting mystery crates by just simply being online every 10 minutes.


    You can find them in mystery crates where you can find your pets, trails, hats, cloak/wings and banners. Using cosmetics makes you stand out and look cool. You can get mystery boxes for cosmetics by simply being online.


    All prices in the server are balanced well meaning items that take different components to make add up all the component prices to equal the final product price. Ex a Anvil takes 31 Iron Ingots and each is priced for $2 which means the Anvil is worth $62. Economy created with the help of “Minecraft Economy Manager” spreadsheet. Players can also make their own chest shops to create a player driven economy.

    --Client Compatability--

    Server is currently at MC 1.11.1 but allows new and older Minecraft clients to log into server. You may not use any special client to log onto the server, only vanilla and OptiFine clients(we block traffic from those clients).

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