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    Fade-Smp Server. Pre-release 1.8x Smp. (Keep Inventory)



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    Fade-Smp Server. Pre-release 1.8x Smp. (Keep Inventory)

    Post by Noahms on Sun Jan 15, 2017 10:33 am

    Hello I own the server Fade-Smp
    And I have owned many other servers and have many years of knowledge about servers and configuration (code).


    I am currently in progress with this server, will be done withing the next few weeks to come.
    In that time I will be looking for people to help me with my server including staff that will control players, developers that will help me crate plugins, and builders to help me build.

    (Updates to come on my server)
    In my smp server there will be multiple dungeons that you have to fight the spawning mobs to get through to get a chest that contains loot with custom enchants and vanilla enchants. (random enchants, random gear.)

    Accepting applications in game and out to submit an application ask for a book in game or submit one as a comment on my post here.

    I hope to see you on my server -Noahms

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