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    Fried's Hardcore Factions Iron PvP



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    Fried's Hardcore Factions Iron PvP

    Post by FriedDuck on Sun Oct 04, 2015 5:50 am


    My server recreates the balanced player vs player aspect of minecraft that existed in the early beta days. It's a semi hardcore factions server with no teleports (don't worry the map is only 500x500) and as the name suggests iron armour is the main focus. I have only allowed for some enchantments to exist: projectile protection 2, feather falling 4, fire resistance 4 and fire aspect 1. The armour enchantments can only be purchased from the shop in the form of gold or leather boots. This way if you want to counter fire damage, arrow damage or fall damage you must sub out your iron boots and its associated protection from swords.

    Raiding is encouraged, infact if you manage to breach an enemy faction, all their chests can be accessed. Only dispensers and ender chests are inaccessible, unless tnt is used, in this case only ender chests are unraidable. But don't worry dispensers and ender chests are extremely expensive and cannot be crafted. You can purchase such items from the NPCs at either of the two stores using the servers currency; emeralds. If you don't want to trade with NPCs an mmorpg style trading plugin allows you to safely trade with other players by shift walking and right clicking the player you wish to trade with. This is especially useful because some items cannot be crafted or purchased, however it can be traded from player to player. An example is the "Speedy Gonzales Juice" it can only be obtained by completing a challenging parkour course. I'll be rewarding rare items like this (not limited to potions) for teams or individuals that win events and pvp tournaments.

    This is probably really boring to read so i'll stop with the whole paragraph thing

    - stonebrick has the strongest resistance to TnT

    - there is an area on the map called fields where emeralds and other ores can be mined (emeralds and diamond ore cannot be mined anywhere else)

    - farming will be a major factor in making money as you can sell wheat and sugarcane for emeralds

    - you can swim in water by spamming your shift walk bind

    - many crafting recipes have been removed, some altered and some unique ones implemented. e.g.since diamond cannot be used to craft diamond armour it can be used to increase the output of arrows

    - splash water bottles can be crafted at the shop to extinguish flames within a small radius

    - there is a combat tag system that prevents players from running into the shop safezone and from combat logging if they are combat tagged

    Special thanks to _husky_ for coding everything and to Superduckface for building the beautiful map.

    I'm pretty passionate about all the effort and ideas that have gone into my server and I hope you come try it out for yourself.

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