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    Prismatik - Factions / RP server -



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    Prismatik - Factions / RP server -

    Post by lepercy on Wed Sep 30, 2015 12:38 am

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    If you are like myself, and have been seeking something different for a long time, something that has a bit of everything mixed all into one...

    Factions, yes we all love to band together and kill groups of others...
    RP. Lets pretend to be someone or something we cant be in real life.

    Lets mix them....

    Id like to introduce you to Prismatik.

    A new server to where you can join together and collect resource to increase your settlements (faction bases) to make yourself more powerful. Then you can use what you have gained through your settlement and wage wars with settlements. Also, you gain attributes and skills based on professions assigned to you by leaders in your settlement for a job and you use them to boost yourself and your community to better yourselves and the group all as one. Anything from killing pigs to killing players you gain experience towards skills and points to make your charater better.

    With jobs enabled, this allows for a side market for better gear and items. Also enabled is mcmmo for an enhanced gameplay experience.

    Come, try us out today and see if this is what you would be interested in.

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