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    MC Craft Semi-Vanilla | Economy | Anti-Grief | Protected Chests | No PVP! | Friendly Community



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    MC Craft Semi-Vanilla | Economy | Anti-Grief | Protected Chests | No PVP! | Friendly Community

    Post by mcjunkyz on Mon Sep 21, 2015 7:46 pm

    About Me:

    My name is Nick and i am 18 years old. I am a cool person to meet and very respectful towards other players. A Very good person to get a long with and easy going. Very helpful with situations and not selfish about things. I live in the USA and have 5 DOGS!. Already graduated highschool and starting my life as an adult. Im hosting a minecraft server because i am very good at coding and configuring. Ive hosted many servers on steam etc. Other then the fact i am a nice guy and can code and such , i also was a boyscout as a younger kid and its a good thing to get into .Trust me. Hope you enjoy my server and have a good time enjoying the fundamentals of minecraft at its fullest.

    Server Details:

    Its a Semi-vanilla with bukkit plugins so you can have some fun while playing original Minecraft. Has Essentials and other cool plugins to enjoy. I am going to have some minigames in the future so stick with the server to experience that. If you like not getting grief-ed and chests being looted i have plugins to prevent that from happening. The community on this server is garenteed 100% friendly so any immature people dont change that please. My ears are always open for suggested plugins or new things to build etc.

    Let me know what needs to be worked on in the server by commenting below or if you have questions!

    Thank you! IP :

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