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    BananaRealms Server 1.8



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    BananaRealms Server 1.8

    Post by Ep1cKralZ on Fri Sep 11, 2015 8:43 pm

    Welcome to BananaRealms Server
    Enjoy Our Server with the best moments you'll meet

    Hello i am just a Staff from BananaRealms which i am the Advertiser of this Server
    I would like to recommend you our server.
    I will show you our cool Servers and if you want to be a part of our community you can donate for our website


    This Server will test your power of PVP skills. Our Map is originally created by us and we have a lot of kits for you to enjoy on.
    If you want to buy it, go donate and we will automatically give you your perks.

    This is our finest Server for now.This server requires your trust and create you own faction and amaze all of us with your inspiring builds. This is a unique server you can earn money by building the requirements of your rank.

    This server will test your parkour skills and reach the Highest Degree. We have the Infinite Parkour If you can pass it you Amazing!

    Coming soon

    Coming soon

    This November

    This December

    You want these servers to be online?? Donate at
    once you donate you are a part of our Community

    ACCEPTING STAFF for Factions
    If you want to be a staff just apply. [note this will be on if the server is back


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