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    Ender Sandman's Lair.



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    Ender Sandman's Lair.

    Post by Reeboks14 on Thu Sep 10, 2015 10:26 am

    Friendly Minecraft server with a friendly staff that loves to play Minecraft and we would like you to join us. We offer a towny survival, Vanilla survival, Creative (PlotMe and freelance), and Minigame servers. We provide a lot of commands to members that you normally have to donate for like back, back on death, tpa, multiple homes and many more. You also earn other features that you normally have to donate for like hat, fly, color and format in chat and signs, feed, heal, nick, McMMO Perks, etc just for ranking up based on playing time. We have a server forums, team speak, twitter, facebook,, and the Ender Times!

    List of features:
    Creative Server with PlotMe, flat freelance, and terrain freelance maps. Also has Time based ranks and rewards.
    Minigame Server: Classic Paintball, Prison Paintball, and Mario Kart. More coming soon!
    Vanilla Server with Time based ranks and rewards.
    Towny Server with all the following.
    Towny land leveling/filling service
    Server market/shop area
    Keep inventory
    XP Storage
    Custom Crafting Recipies like saddles, horse armor, diamonds, etc.
    Custom mechanisms like pipes, elevators, draw bridges, large gates, etc
    Time based ranks and rewards
    McMMO reward kits
    GUI virtual shop
    Personal warps and multiple homes
    Silk Touch Spawners
    Craftable Spawners
    Stock Market

    IP Address;
    Team Speak Address;

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