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    Oblivion Empire [1.8 + 24/7 + Factions PvP + Creative world + Jobs + Bounty + More]



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    Oblivion Empire [1.8 + 24/7 + Factions PvP + Creative world + Jobs + Bounty + More]

    Post by Rain on Thu Aug 20, 2015 5:50 am

    Welcome to Oblivion Empire. A 24/7 faction based PvP Raiding server with a player driven economy. Work with friends and even make some to become the strongest faction on the server and conquer your enemies. On top of the survival mayhem, PvP duels and blowing other factions to bits, Oblivion Empire offers many plugins to help you get money, increase stats and much more. If you ever need a break from all the PvP, raiding and running from aimbot skeletons and want to show us what you can do in terms of building, there is a freebuild/creative world!

    We're a community hoping to grow as much as possible and get the chance to meet some cool people. With a mature staff and cool plugins, we try to bring our players the best Minecraft Multiplayer experience there is. We'd be syked to see you guys in-game and giving us a chance :3 See you there!

    Plugins you may love or want to try

    ✔ MyPet

    ✔ Factions

    ✔ Jobs

    ✔ mcMMO

    ✔ Chairs

    ✔ BuyRegion (Player Shops)

    ✔ Chest Shop

    ✔ PlotMe (Creative/Freebuild World)

    ✔ Bounty


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