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Buy Quality Phone Covers at an AFFORDABLE Price!

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    >>>>>>>>>/[Ultra KitPvP Server! Train your pvp skills here at192.99.149.167:26094]\<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<



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    >>>>>>>>>/[Ultra KitPvP Server! Train your pvp skills here at192.99.149.167:26094]<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

    Post by JXBrawler on Thu Aug 13, 2015 10:32 am

    Thank you for even just clicking on this link!  SERVER IP (WE WIL INCREASE SLOTS AND EXTRA STUFF IF SERVER GETS BIGGER AND SUPPROTED Smile )

    Gods&Legends MC Offers YOU the best pvp trainning/OP PVP/INtense pvp quality that you need to get yourself
    to become a pvp god like BajanCanadian!

    -Improve your Hungergame Skills!
    Improve your hungergame skills by pvping on our server with our exclusive mini HG maps!

    -OverPowered Kits!
    Pvp is boring if you only have an iron sword with iron armor, why not make it enchanted and CUSTOM enchanted? Our kits are all custom enchanted and we offer you a shop that allows you to buy custom enchanted items like BloodLord's sword: Lifesteal X Sharpness X

    -Improve your spirit!
    Our staff members are determined to get you in the right shape and form both physical and mental to
    make you the perfect pvp God of Minecraft. Very Happy

    -Improve your Pvp Skills:
    What makes you a good pvper? Determination, trigger fingers, speed, reaction times and ofcourse your
    weapon! On this server we offer you everything we got to make it so you can become awesome at pvp!

                                                      Join us Now!

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