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    Dreamlands server survival join now!



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    Dreamlands server survival join now!

    Post by Assasintreepig on Sun Aug 09, 2015 5:17 am

    hello my name is Assasintrepeepig and my server is Dreamlands network. This is a fairly new minecraft server that has been up for about 1 month now. We offer many fun stuff like survival parkour, shops cool donor perks that can be
    purchased with ign money for 1 month and lots more. We plan on adding lots of more stuff like a rpg world and much more! currently the server has 43 plugins and more to come
    once we get players to donate to help the server grow. We constantly try to improve our server daily and make everyone have the best time possible

    server ip:

    website:  lol!

    donor perks: gravity guns, wool trees, color chat, weather/time change for player, carz, pets, music, rainbow armor, and more to come :}

    contact me: steam Greenviking or just msg me on the website

    owners: FoxHUnter518 and Assasintreepig geek

    thank you for reading the post  Very Happy

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