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    CraftFuZion [CRACKED] [1.8]



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    CraftFuZion [CRACKED] [1.8]

    Post by CraftFuZion on Wed Jul 29, 2015 11:31 pm

    1.8 Server

    This is a PvP/Faction/Prison server.

    We have alot of warps ; Prison, Wild, Enchant, Shop, Donate, Drop Party, ParkourEasy, Wipeout, PvP, EndPvP, NetherPvP and we'll add more.

    We are open for any suggestion to make the server better.

    We have alots of kits ; PvP, Potion, Week, Armor, Garden, and Random.

    In this server you can donate for ranks. If you donate you'll have more kits and perks.

    You are able to build at warp Wild, outside of the spawn, in the Nether and the End.

    You can auction stuff if you need money and you can also sell stuff at the shop.

    We do a big drop party once a month with alot of good stuff. You can do your own drop party too.

    It's a new server so help us to make it popular by sharing it to your friends Smile!

    Come in our server and let's have fun !!

    Owner ~bibih524~
    Co-Owner ~Hanrock24~

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