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    Join Our Roleplaying Factions Server Today!



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    Join Our Roleplaying Factions Server Today!

    Post by lukeduwa on Tue Jul 28, 2015 1:15 am

    Greeting's fellow Mnecraft players.

    We invite you to play our roleplaying server where you can own houses, have jobs, create factions, mine and sell to get money, and even go to jail.

    Money is key in our server and depending on what items you sell will determine how much money you get.

    1. No disrespecting admins
    2. Report Suspicious activity to the local law enforcement.
    3. No killing players in town or you will trialed by law by the judge.
    4. If you do not comply with admins it can result in being kicked, banned, or otherwise.
    if you believe admins are abusing there power report to owner through server by the name of Nickanator8900
    5. impersonating admins will result in being kicked and or a temporary or permanent ban.
    6. No stealing from other players homes. Doing this will result in a trail by law.

    IP: 44.165.1:33304

    admins are terribletaco21, butterdood724, lukeduwa/judge ballsack, nickanator8900/owner of server.

    please note server is still in production so bare with the creators.


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