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    ICEBLOCK!!! Factions, Creative (2 plots free!!!), Mob Arena, Survival Games And More!!!


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    Join date : 2015-04-14

    ICEBLOCK!!! Factions, Creative (2 plots free!!!), Mob Arena, Survival Games And More!!!

    Post by mingmeister on Tue Apr 14, 2015 5:13 am

    Come and be a part of our amazing small friendly community here at Iceblock!!! where you can:

    Get an early start and become one of the richest factions on the server!!!
    Try your luck in the Mob Arena!
    Vs your friends in Survival Games!
    Or build whatever you desire in creative mode! (You get 2 plots for free!!!)

    Currently here at Iceblock we have a small community of staff and friendly players who are willing to offer help and advice and answer your questions. Many factions are looking for more members and will happily accept you and possibly, if you're good. There is a chance to get a position as staff.

    Our community is slowly but surely growing bigger by the day so come online and meet us. Bring your friends along too!
    Our small server is only a few months old which means that many more features and ranks will be added in the future! All we need is you, the players to come along and enjoy our server with us!!! Maybe, just maybe. You'll become as addicted as we've become.

    We hope to see you online some time in the near future!
    Come and join in on the fun
    See you around,

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