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    ZyonTech Network! 24/7 PvP survival Grief protection Friendly staff Small community! JOIN NOW!



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    ZyonTech Network! 24/7 PvP survival Grief protection Friendly staff Small community! JOIN NOW!

    Post by BadAss_Bright on Mon Aug 04, 2014 5:58 pm

    ZyonTech is a small server community that runs 3 kinds of MC servers, a Website and a TeamSpeak 3 server! Our modpacks are Monster 1.1.0, Direwolf 1.0.19 and Unleashed 1.1.7 (ip down below)

    - Unleashed Server IP:
    - Monster Server IP:
    - Direwolf Server IP:
    - Website for all servers: www ZyonTech net
    - TeamSpeak IP:
    - Donation Store page: www ZyonTech net/store

    • ZyonTech is a awesome server for your Feed The Beast experience with Biomes O Plenty Biomes enabled! ALL MODS ENABLE!

    • Our server got an unique community with even more unique friendly staff! We are also very fast responding to help!

    • The server is Hosted in the US on a high performance dedicated server for max performance and the lowest ping as possible! 1 GBPS Network!

    • We got no banned items at all! But some are restricted to a higher Rank, it's quite easy to get!

    • We got lots of good useful Plugins, Several Ranks and a Big Donation Store!

    • Very high uptime due to auto restart server on crash!

    • We reset The End and The Twilight Forest once a month to reduce lag and a new Ender Dragon each month!

    • Custom Anti-Grief plugins and Grief Prevention! + Lots of more plugins!

    We got the best thing for all people that want PVP enabled in a few areas and PVP of in some others. We got PVP enable in the Twilight Forest, The Nether and in The End! But PVP is off in the entire Overworld! Except in the PVP Arena!

    To join the server you need to make sure that you have selected the right version of Feed The Beast modpack. We use version 1.1.7 for Unleashed (ALL MODS ENABLE!), 1.1.0 for Monster and 1.0.19 for DireWolf20!

    To Enable all mods and change modpack version follow this guide!
    - 1. Open your FTB_Launcher and select the Modpack.
    - 2. Then select the right version. It's right above the big Modpack picture.
    - 3. Then launch it. When it's done downloading and installing close it!
    - 4. Open up the FTB_Launcher again and then hit the button "Edit Mod Pack" It's just under the Options and Modpacks category's!
    - 4. Mark all mods and then hit the Enable button in the middle! Then close the Mod Pack Editor window if you are done!
    - 5. Then your done! Now you can just launch it again as usual!

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